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Ireland’s “insurance crisis” pushing likes of Beyoncé away

Ireland’s “insurance crisis” pushing likes of Beyoncé away | Insurance Business UK

Director says problem does not exist as a challenge elsewhere in Europe

Ireland's "insurance crisis" pushing likes of Beyoncé away

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By Terry Gangcuangco

There is an insurance crisis unique to Ireland that is causing the likes of Beyoncé and Coldplay not to include the country among their tour stops, according to Alliance for Ireland Reform director Peter Boland.

“What’s really worrying about it is that, essentially, Ireland is a summer tourist destination,” Boland told The Pat Kenny Show, as reported by Newstalk. “We have a terrific infrastructure in terms of festivals, artistic and cultural events, sporting events, and a lot of voluntary and community work.

“All of that infrastructure is threatened by the current insurance crisis. This is unique to Ireland, and it does not exist as a challenge anywhere else in Europe.”

Citing an affordability issue when it comes to public liability insurance in the Irish market, Boland blamed steep insurance costs in Ireland for promoters choosing to hold events elsewhere. 

“Ireland has issues in terms of competitiveness,” he was quoted as saying. “By way of sharp contrast, north of the border, there is no such issue and those who cannot afford insurance south of the border tend to pay a very modest amount in Northern Ireland.”

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