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about us

Lime Risk Agency is a FCA regulated ‘Managing General Agent’ and we underwrite your risks directly for and on behalf of ‘A+’ or ‘AA’ rated insurers.

We have unique experience of both the insurance, debt and capital markets which enables us to structure insurance solutions to unlock your real estate transaction, enhance the value of your assets and optimise your funding in the transaction.

Our approach is simple. We focus on your needs and provide insurance policies to suit your requirements. We provide an efficient service and do not have complex approval processes. We work directly with you and your professional advisers. We have an online portal to support secure data transfer.

How we are different

Experienced underwriting team Bespoke risks provide financial efficiency to clients Underwrite on behalf of A+ and AA rated Insurers Fast and professional service


If you have any questions, or aren’t sure, give us a call. We will understand your risk issues and be able to offer a solution to help you enhance the value of your risk.

Get in touch

Why not chat to us in person? Chat to one of our specialists direct on +44 (0)203 544 4848