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Real Estate

Asset Protection

Our Asset Protection Policy can be designed to cover an array of non-standard risks. We have previously arranged cover for developments being too near or over utility pipelines, disputes between different Local Authorities, Councils, or The Highways Agency, gaps in existing insurances, and potential changes in building use.


Replacement of Parental Guarantee

Where a long-term Parental Guarantee is required we can structure an insurance policy to replace this need thereby releasing the balance sheet committment.


Legal and Title Indemnity

We arrange a full range of Legal Indemnity and Defective Title covers which can protect both the project company and its lenders.


Contingent Loss of Rent / Income

We can provide rental cover for the full lease period (eg 25 / 30 years) if your property is affected by an insurable event and cannot be re-instated e.g. failure of primary property insurer.

Long term asset and revenue insurance to protect your Real Estate investment